Parmalee: Feels Like Carolina, Stoney Creek Records

Kane Brown: Chapter 1, RCA Records Nashville

Kane Brown: Kane Brown,  RCA Records Nashville

Parker Millsap: The Very Last Day, Oklahoma Records

Whissell: Old Souls, Young Bodies, FourForty Artist Group / Tone Tree Music

Ginny Owens: Get In I'm Driving, SoulStride Records

LoCash Cowboys: LoCash Cowboys, Average Joe's Entertainment 

Sammy Arriaga - Meet Me In The Middle, RCA Records Nashville

Here Come The Mummies - Underground

Here Come The Mummies - A Blessing And A Curse

Republican Hair - The Prince And The Duke

Joey Hyde - Joey Hyde EP

Bassh - Baby Blue

Hey Romeo - I Got This,  Royalty Records

Phoebe Hunt - Shanti's Shadow

Isaac - Wasteland

Steven Stucky / Aaron Tindall - Transformations

XY Unlimited - Omega

Patrick Davis - Numbers

Cotton Wine - Cotton Wine

The Hugeness - The Hugeness

Brandon Ray - Small Talkin' 

Scott Mulvahill - Top Of The Stairs


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