Le Butcherettes: A Raw Youth, Ipecac Recordings

Indigo Girls, One Lost Day, Vanguard

Harriet: It's Totally Cool, I Wouldn't Even Worry About It, Mixed Management

Family of the Year: Make You Mine, Nettwerk Records 

Capital Cities: In a Tidal Wave of Mystery - Deluxe Edition, Capitol Records

Mike Coykendall: Half Past, Present Pending: Fluff & Gravy Records

Zella Day: Kicker, Hollywood Records

The Glenn Thomas Band: One Last Stand

Lil 'Noid: Paranoid Funk, L.A. Club Resource / Gene's Liquor

Grizfolk: From the Spark, Capitol Records

Navid Izadi: Messin, Wolf + Lamb Records

Bury The Machines: Parasite

Zu: Cortar Todo, Ipecac Recordings

John Camp: Mistral, Soul Clap Records

Piuma: Piuma, Shining Light Records

Rocco DeLuca: Rocco DeLuca, Elska 

Jason Moran: All Rise, Capitol Records

Bootstraps: S/T, Capitol Records

Sharkmuffin: Chartreuse, State Capital Records

Mark Lanegan: Houston Publishing Demos 2002, Ipecac Recordings

Life on Planets: Curious Palace, Wolf + Lamb Records

Franky Flowers: Sneakers/Usual Haunts, OlFactory Records

The Madden Brothers: Greetings from California, Capitol Records

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Various Artists): Absolute Treasures, Ode Music

Death Grips: Government Plates, Capitol Records

Triumph of the Wild: We Come With Dust


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