Third Eye Blind - Summer Gods Tour Live (vinyl and digital)

Elettrodomestico (Jane Weidlin's new band) - If You're A Boy Or A Girl

Beats Antique* - The Grande Bizarre & Sage singles

Basement - Further Sky

Geographer - Animal Shapes Vinyl and several singles

Madame Gandhi - Voices EP and several remixes and singles

Hundredth - Dead Weight (single??)

Michael W. Smith - A Million Lights & several singles

Caroline Kraddick - This Love & Over singles

Shannon And The Clams - Vinyl Reissue of Sleep Talk

Shamir - 7" - Caballero & Room

Blithe - Bad Habit

Kat Robichaud - Misfit Cabaret, Criminal

Diana Gameros - Arrullo

Valor - reissue of cult classic "Fight For Your Life"

Fritz Montana - Everyday & So Alone singles

Between You and Me - Everything is Temporary

Nothing Til Blood - Ego Death + Rebirth

Eat Your Heart Out - Carried Away & Mind Games

This Legend - It's In The Streets

Whiskerman - Kingdom Illusion

ANIIML - Chemicals, Slay, It's Over

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